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Build your own Custom ChatGPT with OpenAI’s GPT Builder

OpenAI has just launched a new feature that enables anyone to craft their personalized version of ChatGPT, referred to as GPTs. This allows you to quickly build a tailored model to suit the goals of your company or personal projects within a matter of minutes.

OpenAI’s Custom GPT feature is only available only to ChatGPT Plus and OpenAI Enterprise users. This blog post covers in detail on how to build your own custom ChatGPT using OpenAI’s GPT builder.

Table of Content

What are Custom GPTs

How to customize your ChatBot?

How to Build your Custom GPT?

What are Custom GPTs?

GPTs, which are personalized variants of ChatGPT designed by OpenAI users, can be effortlessly created using the GPT builder. By expressing your desired outcome in simple language, the builder will handle the rest. Additionally, GPTs offer the flexibility to configure web browsing, generate images through DALLE·3, and execute code.

While users with a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise account can already customize ChatGPT responses with specific instructions, the GPT builder enhances customization in two noteworthy ways:

Generate multiple custom GPTs: Unlike custom instructions, there are no constraints on the number of GPTs you can create. This allows for easy switching between chatbots, ensuring the appropriate AI-powered assistance for different situations.

Upload knowledge files: Rather than manually copying and pasting text from various sources for ChatGPT’s training, you can directly upload knowledge files to the GPT builder, streamlining the process and leaving the builder to manage the incorporation of the information.

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