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A Complete Guide on Integrating Tidio with Instagram for Enhanced Business Connectivity

Discover the power of Tidio’s Instagram integration for simple message and reply management. Tidio enables you to give exceptional customer care on the popular social networking platform, from automated responses with chatbots to engaging in real-time live chat.

Benefits of integration with Instagram

Tidio integration with Instagram has numerous advantages that might improve the way you conduct business communication. Could you take a peek at some of them?

Manage all discussions in one location
You and your team may handle all strategic communication through a single Tidio panel. You can link multiple Instagram accounts to your Tidio project.

Check out the Instagram story activities
In your Tidio panel, you can see the replies, mentions, and reactions to your Instagram story.

Tidio’s chatbots can help you automate your Instagram support
Chatbots can be set up to manage communication with your Instagram audience.

Simple to integrate
The Instagram integration requires no coding and takes less than 2 minutes to set up.

The Requirement

Set your Instagram account to Instagram Business.

To link Tidio to Instagram, make sure your account is a Business Instagram Account. Do you have a traditional Instagram account? Don’t be concerned! It only takes two minutes to upgrade to the Business version.

Check out the official Instagram tutorial on setting up a Business Account to learn how to convert your Instagram account to a Business Account. Please ensure that you have selected the business account rather than the creator account. The creator account does not currently support integration.


Connect your Instagram to a Facebook Page.

Because Instagram is now a part of Facebook, your Instagram account must be linked to your Facebook Page. Check out an official Instagram tutorial to learn how to connect Instagram to Facebook.

Allow message access
You must also confirm that your Instagram account permits Tidio to receive messages. To do so, launch the Instagram app navigate to Settings > Privacy > Messages, and ensure that the Allow Access to Messages toggle is turned on.


Integrate Tidio with Instagram

To connect Instagram to Tidio, navigate to Settings > Channels > Instagram and click the blue Integrate Instagram icon.


You’ll now see a window reminding you of all requirements.


You’ll see a new window with the Facebook log-in page after receiving some tips on requirements.


You will be prompted to select your Instagram Business Account.


In addition, select your Facebook Page.


The final step will request permissions so that the integration can be accomplished.


You’ve linked your Instagram account to Tidio! You will now begin to receive Instagram and Facebook messages. Please keep in mind that you can link multiple Instagram accounts to your Tidio project.

Enabling different types of interactions

Following successful Instagram integration, you will be able to select which types of Instagram communications you wish to see in Tidio. To do so, go to Settings > Channels > Instagram and toggle the toggles next to the following sorts of notifications:

  • Story Mentions
  • Story Replies
  • Direct Messages (always transferred, cannot be turned off)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if the message is from the Instagram channel?

Inside your live conversations panel, you’ll notice an Instagram icon next to the message. The type panel will also instantly switch to the Instagram channel, allowing you to respond to the relevant channel right immediately.


In my Instagram account, I can’t find the “Allow access to messages” toggle. How do I locate it?

Allowing access to Instagram messages is only available if you have an Instagram Business Account that is linked to your Facebook page. The toggle will not be shown to those who have a private/standard Instagram account.

Note: Before relying on the information provided here, ensure to visit Tidio’s official website and help center for the most accurate and detailed insights. Additionally, the images used for illustration are sourced from help.tidio.com and are used solely for educational purposes. We do not claim ownership of these images. For a more comprehensive understanding, always refer to the official sources, and respect the intellectual property rights of image creators.

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